My Kids Favorite Road Trip Activities

Little ones can quickly get bored on long drives, but there’s a lot of fun ways to keep them engaged and entertained! As a mama traveling full time, I wanted to share my children’s favorite activities to do when we’re on the road!

When you travel with your children you are giving them something that can never be taken away – experience, exposure, and a way of life.

~ Pamela T. Chandler

Magnet Games

Magnetic Animal Game

Magnetic Dinosaur Game

Magnetic Shape Builder Game

Magnetic Learning Anatomy Puzzle

Manipulative Activities

Lacing Animals Activity

Bluey Sticker Activity Book

National Geographic Cats & Dogs Sticker Activity Book

National Geographic Ponies & Horses Sticker

Activity Book

Pretend Play

Wooden Little People

Pretend Camera

Wood Vet Set

Wood Pretend Make Up Set

Wood Pretend Dentist Set


And most importantly, books! The thing we use most on our car rides are interesting picture books. My kids love to “read” to themselves. You can find my book recommendations here!

When traveling with kids, no matter what fun activities you have, it’s important to remember everything will take longer and patience is key. Plan to make extra stops. Plan for their to be delays and learning experiences. Make sure every day includes big movement! Traveling with kids is definitely an added challenge, but it’s also added fun and joy!

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