What You Need To Know About Van Life With Kids

Hey there, fellow wanderers! If you’ve ever dreamt of hitting the open road with your little ones in tow, I’m here to share the highs, the lows, and the invaluable lessons I learned during a year-long journey exploring the nooks and crannies of the United States in a trusty van with my two kiddos. Here are some must-know tips before you embark on your own van life adventure with the pint-sized crew:

  1. Embrace Minimalism:

When living in a van, space is a premium commodity. Pack only the essentials and focus on versatile, multi-use items. You’ll thank yourself when you’re not drowning in unnecessary clutter.

  1. Plan for Downtime:

Kids need breaks, and so do you! Ensure your travel itinerary includes downtime for both relaxation and spontaneous adventures. A happy, well-rested family makes for smoother travels.

  1. Safety First:

Invest in proper car seats and child-proof the van. Safety is paramount, and it’s non-negotiable when you’re on the road. Double-check all safety measures before hitting the highway.

  1. Educational Adventures:

Turn the road trip into a hands-on learning experience. Visit museums, national parks, and historical sites to enrich your kids’ education. The world is your classroom!

  1. Routine is Key:

While van life is all about freedom, kids thrive on routine. Establish a daily schedule that includes designated sleep times, meals, and play. It creates a sense of stability amid the nomadic lifestyle.

  1. Connect with Other Van Families:

Join online communities or attend meet-ups with other families embracing the van life. Sharing experiences, tips, and even a campfire can provide much-needed support and camaraderie.

  1. Weather-Ready:

Be prepared for various weather conditions. Pack accordingly for both scorching heat and chilly nights. Always be prepared to go off grid and not be hooked to utilities! This means having a travel power bank and any heating or cooling supplies you may need as well as the ability to cook and have clean water anywhere. A well-equipped van ensures you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

  1. Plan Ahead but Stay Flexible:

Crafting a seamless flow during your travels involves meticulous planning and a dash of flexibility. Have a goal, broad plan, and an ideal schedule but leave space for challenges. This strategic planning lays the foundation for a smooth journey. However, the essence of the road lies in its unpredictability. Embrace the art of adaptability, allowing room for spontaneous experiences and detours. By striking this harmonious balance, you’ll not only navigate the highways but also flow effortlessly through the rhythm of your van life adventure.

  1. Entertainment Essentials:

Load up on books, games, and movies to keep the kids entertained during long drives or rainy days. You can check out my list of suggestions here. A happy, engaged child means a more relaxed and enjoyable trip for everyone.

  1. Flexibility is Freedom:

Plans may change, and that’s okay. Embrace flexibility, as unexpected detours often lead to the most memorable experiences. Learn to go with the flow and savor the beauty of spontaneity. For me, this even meant, on occasion, canceling bookings, or NOT booking ahead in order to be able to travel at the most comfortable pace for us.

So there you have it—my road-tested advice for any (single) parent gearing up for the van life with kiddos. It’s not always easy, but the bond you’ll forge and the memories you’ll create are absolutely worth it. Here’s to the open road, the wind in your hair, and the joy of discovering new horizons with your little ones by your side. Safe travels!

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